In the age of digital transformation, executives and specialized professionals are needed who are not just a temporary fit for the company s requirements. It is about anticipating the future development of the company and finding exceptional people who can help shape this transformation.


The digital transformation is not only an evolution of the business model, but also a fundamental change that affects all aspects of the business.

In addition to actual experts, the entire management, including the CEO and specialists, need to increase and apply their digital skills. But at the same time, digital transformation also offers companies the opportunity to make a culture and value transition to become a more innovative company. This can increase their attractiveness to current and future employees significantly – a factor that will become increasingly important in the future. 

The decisive key to successful digitalisation are the employees and the management. The prerequisite for this is a strategic and modern human resources policy. Most SMEs complain about a lack of employees with digital expertise, but also at C-level, which greatly slows down the transformation for many. NELEX provides a remedy here: with the support of digital intelligent search methods, we find the C-level and middle management candidates as well as experts who, with their digital expertise and, in the case of management positions, from the combination of management experience and digitalisation expertise, fit your company exactly and provide you with the decisive added value.

The challenge of demographic change

Another limiting factor is the demographic shift towards an ageing society. In innovative mid-sized companies, demographic change is noticeable on the one hand by a shortage of skilled workers. This can hinder innovation, as these companies are particularly dependent on highly qualified employees. NELEX supports such companies in finding the right people in a timely manner.

On the other hand, demographic change is causing many business owners to retire without a successor. If they do not find a suitable top executive immediately, who accepts and can solve the challenges of digital transformation, this gradually leads to a decline in the capacity for innovation in the company. NELEX can also be an expert partner in these situations: We help find the right successor for the company at an early stage and support them in strategic succession planning.

Intelligent and digitized ident & research process

Short time to fill and candidates who fit the company not only in their competence but also in their personality are the most important criteria for success in today's recruitment.

NELEX meets these requirements with a new kind of executive search: our team works according to agile methods (Kanban) and is supported in its work by new, AI-based tools. As a result, you as a customer get to know exactly the candidates who fit your requirement profile and your corporate culture much faster than before. And who you can thus retain in the long term.

  • 1.Briefing
  • 2.AI-supported identification of perfect candidates
  • 3.Qualified and personal approach
  • 4.Technology-optimized selection
  • 5.Presentation


We want and need to maintain a permanent dialogue with our candidates and clients in order to understand their needs better and to be able to serve them better. At the same time, an ongoing exchange creates a significant increase in understanding and satisfaction.