We not only have your profile in mind, but also your personality.

When it comes to digital transformation, you are at the head of the pack. As a specialist or executive with a target salary of more than 100,000 EUR per year you know that success is possible in the digital age only if products and processes are constantly being advanced. And the same is true of your career.

NELEX can partner with you as an equal when it comes to developing your skills in work environments that are consistent not only with your profile but also with your personality. We rely on a well-founded personality analysis, the results of which we provide you free of charge.

Our goal is to ensure you reach your career goals easily and without complications. That is why we support you intensively throughout the application process – and beyond. Our “Digital Leader Circle” also gives you access to an exclusive network of leading professional colleagues in the digital world. And in the future, we will be providing you with constant “state-of-the-art information” on the latest digital developments from around the world. More about this soon.